Flow Trigger

How to trigger a flow?

You can set custom keywords or select any keyword to trigger a flow.

Custom Keywords

You can set one or more custom keywords for a flow. The flow will be triggered when the user's message contains the keyword you set. English keywords are not case-sensitive.

Any Keyword

You can select Any Keyword in the flow, which means any user input can trigger this flow when it is active.

If Any Keyword flow is in the active state and has a higher priority than other Custom Keyword flows, even if the user inputs a custom keyword, Any Keyword flow will be triggered first due to its higher priority.

For example, the "Welcome" flow is an Any Keyword Flow, and the "Price Inquiry" flow is a Custom Flow. When these two flows are active, if the user inputs the keyword - "price," the "Welcome" flow will be triggered due to its higher priority.

When the user's message contains one of the keywords that you set up in this Keyword Trigger, it will get this flow triggered. Every flow must have at least one block that is connected to it to get it working.

Starting Point and most of the blocks have at least one dot at the end. Try dragging a block from the left and dragging a line to connect both ends!

If you want to delete a block or a line that connects between blocks, for Windows users, single click the block or line and enter "Backspace." For Mac users, single-click the block or line and enter "delete."

What is the priority of a flow trigger?

Non-business Hours

If you set and activate the Non-business Hours, the flow you connected to this feature will be triggered during your non-business hours. When Non-business Hours is active, other flows will not be triggered. You can set an appropriate flow connected to this feature, and it will help you provide information and service for your clients during non-business hours.

pageSetting up non-business hours

Story Mention

If the message is a story mention, then within the business hours, it will always trigger a story mention. Please notice that Story Mention is only for Instagram.

Keyword Flow Trigger Priority

Each Keyword Flow has a priority in triggering. User input has a chance of containing more than one trigger keyword; at this moment, the flow has the highest priority among all the flows that have keywords contained in user input. You can drag flows at the left to alter their priority.

If a user has already triggered one flow, and during the conversation, the user's reply happens to match the keyword you've set for another flow, it will trigger this new flow.

For example, if the user initially triggered a "Welcome" flow, and during the conversation, they input the content containing the word "price," and "price" is the keyword you've configured to trigger another "Price inquiry" flow, then the user will trigger the "Price inquiry" flow.

Why is the flow not being triggered?

1. Inactive flow or low-priority flow

  • Check if the flow status is active.

  • Make sure you put the flow on a higher priority.

2. The conversation has been assigned to a certain team or people

If you can not trigger your flow, check if the conversation has been assigned to a certain team or people. The flow could be triggered only when the conversation status is Closed.

3. Wrong trigger keywords

The flow will be triggered once the keywords are entered correctly, regardless of whether they are uppercase or lowercase.

Make sure you are using the correct keywords to trigger flows.

4. Your last AI conversation has not ended.

In an AI sales dialog or AI Reply from document conversation, if you don't actively choose to end the conversation or if the conversation ends automatically due to exceeding the set time, the conversation is still in progress. You cannot successfully trigger another flow while the AI sales dialog is still in progress.

Also, it's important to note that replies in the flow, especially in the AI sales dialog, may be slower and require patience. If you enter keywords multiple times while waiting for a reply, it may also cause the trigger to fail.

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