Upgrade Plan

We offer different plans that meets your business needs. If you current plan is insufficient for your business, you can click on the button "Upgrade Plan" on the top right.

We offer Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. If you are free plans, you can click "Upgrade Plan" to Pro or Business plans. If you have a high usage or you have additional requirements beyond the current plans can offer, please click "Contact Us". Our team will follow up your case.

After clicking "Upgrade Plan", you can see the available plans, billing period, and add-ons. We suggest you select annual billing period to enjoy a discounted price averaged by month.。Add-ons include user and contact quota. User means the number of user account that you can add to manage your social channels. Contact means the total number of contact accumulated from all your connected channels.

When you have selected all the items that you need, you can fill in credit card information and proceed to pay and upgrade.

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