Export WhatsApp Conversations

Sorry, the Back up WhatsApp Chat chrome extension is currently offline due to WhatsApp API Limitations.

We will put it back online as soon as those limitations are lifted.

The content below is deprecated since Apr 20,2023. 👇

Download our Google Chrome Extension to export your recent WhatsApp conversations before deleting the associated WhatsApp account.

1. Install the Chrome Extension

Click here to download Back up WhatsApp Chat chrome extension.

2. Open WhatsApp Web

Select our "Back up WhatsApp chat" from your installed extensions, then click on the "Open WhatsApp Web" button to access and connect to your WhatsApp account.

3. Select backup date range

When your WhatsApp Web has connected with your account, click on the Back up WhatsApp chat extension again. You can select the date range that you want to export your conversations.

Please note that:

  1. media files and group chats will NOT be exported.

  2. The conversations that you exported must be from the same WhatsApp account that you are going to import.

4. Download WhatsApp Chats as .json files

Click on the "Download WhatsApp Chats" button, and then will start the download process.

Please note that the download process may a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the amount of messages to be downloaded.

5. Complete download and prepare for importing conversations to chatalog

Your history conversations have been backed up. You can connect to chatalog and import your conversations now!

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