Regarding WhatsApp Business API being blocked

WhatsApp Business API Unblocking Tutorial

While the WhatsApp Business API is generally more stable and less prone to being blocked than other methods, there is still a significant chance of temporary suspension if you engage in business marketing activities without obtaining official green tick certification for your business account.

The ‘green tick certification’ signifies an officially verified business account, greatly enhancing the account’s credibility in the eyes of WhatsApp. It also helps build customer trust when conducting marketing efforts. However, having a WhatsApp API number doesn’t grant unrestricted permission for business activities.

Let’s first understand the reasons why WhatsApp API numbers get blocked:

  1. Excessive Promotional Messages: Sending too many or overly obvious promotional messages can easily lead to account suspension by WhatsApp’s official policies. Excessive promotional messages can negatively impact other users’ experience and satisfaction.

  2. Sending Spam to Too Many Strangers: Initiating conversations or sending spam messages to too many non-contacts (i.e., strangers) violates WhatsApp’s community guidelines and can result in account suspension.

  3. Using Unofficial API Numbers: Obtaining or activating API numbers through unofficial or third-party channels without Meta’s review and certification can also lead to account suspension.

  4. Engaging in Restricted Industries: Involvement in certain prohibited or restricted industries or domains can lead to account suspension. These include:

    • Firearms

    • Alcohol and tobacco

    • Drugs (prescription, recreational, or other)

    • Healthcare products

    • Endangered species (wildlife)

    • Non-endangered live animals (excluding livestock)

    • Hazardous materials and substances

    • Real, virtual, or false currency (including ICOs and binary options)

    • Body parts or fluids

    • Business models, products, items, or services that may be fraudulent, misleading, offensive, or exploitative, or that may exert undue pressure on target audiences

    • Real-money gambling

    • Adult products and services

    • Dating services

    • Multi-level marketing

    • Payday loans, salary advances, P2P lending, debt collection, and bail bonds"

Remember that adhering to WhatsApp’s guidelines and policies is crucial to maintaining a functional and unblocked API number. If you encounter any issues, consider reaching out to WhatsApp’s official support for assistance.

How to Unblock:

  1. First, open the Facebook Business Account BackendLog in with your account information ,In the bottom right corner, find the “View my accounts” button.

  1. Locate Business accounts and click on it. This is where you’ll find your WhatsApp API number (make sure not to click on the one for personal WhatsApp accounts).

  1. Scroll down to the account information section. If your account is blocked, it will display “Account disabled”. Click on this account.

  1. On the right side, find the “Request review” button.

  1. You’ll be taken to the appeal page. Depending on the specific reason for your WhatsApp API account being blocked, you can submit an appeal. After submitting, wait for the review results.


Currently, unblocking a WhatsApp account without certification can be challenging, whether it’s a business number or an API number. To minimize the risk of being blocked, I recommend reading WhatsApp’s business marketing guidelines initially. If your account does get blocked, don’t worry—just ensure you haven’t violated any rules, send an appeal email, and the official team will handle it

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