First Direct Message, Ice Breaker, Story Mention

Basic Flow includes First Direct Message, Ice Breaker, Story Mention, and Non-business Hours.

Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker and Story Mention is only available for Instagram channels.

With Ice Breaker, you can set up to 4 clickable guided questions for new users who have never talked to you in your DM inbox. They can see the guided questions you set up; when they click on it, the bot will return the flow that you connected to the corresponding question. You can drag the questions to prioritize them.

First Direct Message

The First Direct Message is triggered when users talk to you in your DM inbox for the first time.

Story Mention

Story Mention is triggered when users create a story and mention your brand. Reply to contacts who mentioned you in their story. This is only applicable to contacts that set their Instagram account as public.

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