Flow Blocks

Flow is a visual builder that connects all messages, actions and transitions together to create Direct Message auto reply

Message Block

Message Block allows you to send text messages along with buttons or upload an image. By adding more buttons, you can add more blocks to connect to the button to create a diversified conversational experience. Uploading an image and sending a text message in a block are mutually exclusive. Make sure to create one block to send either type of message.

If you have set up buttons together with the message, users sometimes may not select from the buttons but rather input text replies. If you want to catch this exception and continue the flow, you can drag a block to connect to the dot of "If not a quick reply, direct flow here.

Condition Funnel

Condition Funnel is a block that creates conditions for directing conversations to different blocks. You can create one to many conditions. If none of the conditions are met, there is one condition at the bottom with the message "If the above conditions are unmet, direct flow here." After setting the conditions, drag a line to connect each condition to the corresponding blocks. The above example illustrates how to branch conditions by the variable "age."

Carousel is a block to create up to at most 10 cards to display products, photos, or services. In each of the cards, you can upload an image, a title, a subtitle, and optionally up to 3 buttons. For buttons of a card, apart from other ordinary blocks, you can connect them to the exclusive.

External URL block for opening URL in a new tab.

Please note that External Url is only connectable to Carousel buttons.

Currently, the WhatsApp button does not support connecting to external URLs. As an alternative, you can connect the button to a Message Block with the link as text content.

User Input

User Input is a block to ask user-specific questions and collect the answer as the value of a variable. There are 3 input types: text, number, and email.

If the input type is text, whatever the user inputs will pass this block, and the input value will be stored in the variable. It is the input type without constraints.

If the input type is a number, the user must input a number in order to pass this block. Please design a question so that the user understands you expect a number-only response (e.g., age, number, phone number, quantity, etc.). If the user inputs a non-number, the same question will prompt until a number is typed.

If the input type is email, the user must give an email-format reply. Otherwise, it will trigger a re-ask.

Name the variable in the field "Store as." When the variable is stored with value, you may call the variable in a Message Block with curly brackets, such as {{age}}. Putting a variable in a message block can make your conversations more dynamic.

Quick Connect To Block

Quick Connect To Block is a shortcut block that you can go to any other existing block. For example, if you wish to create a restart button, what you need is to create a Quick Connect To Block. Then, click "Select block" and click on the block you want to connect to. In the above example, the selected block is the first message block so that a user can go back to the first message upon clicking "Restart."

Quick Connect To Flow

Quick Connect To Flow is a shortcut block that you can go to any other existing flow. Imagine your conversation design is sophisticated. What you need is a connector to connect between different flows to curate a logical user experience. By creating Quick Connect To Flow, you can select and hence go to another flow that you have already created.

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