To start using chatalog, you must first have either an Instagram Business Account or a Creator Account that has connected with a Facebook page. The following guide will illustrate how to get your account eligible for connection and sign up step-by-step.

Step 1. Switch Instagram Account to Professional Account

If your instagram account is personal account, please switch to Professional Account first. Click your account icon at the top right hand corner, then click "Settings".

Click "Switch to Professional Account".

If it is already a professional account, you will see "Switch to Personal Account" instead. If so, you can skip this step.

Select "Business" and click "Next".

Optionally, you may select "Creator" instead, but it is only available for account with less than 500K followers.

Select the category of your business and click Done.

Click "Continue".

Fill in your contact info (optional) and click "Save".

Your Instagram Business Account is Ready!

Step 2. Create a Facebook Fans Page

Go to

Fill in Page name and Category, then click "Create Page".

Step 3. Connect your Facebook Page with your Instagram Professional Account

Open your Facebook page, and click "Settings" at the bottom left.

Click "Instagram", and then select "Connect Account".

Switch ON "Allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox. Click "Continue". Then login to your Instagram Professional Account.

After logging in, the Instagram account is already connected.

Step 4. Connect to Chatalog

Click Connect inbox button. Click "Edit Settings" on the left.

Select the instagram Business account to connect.

Select the Facebook Page to connect.

Grant all the permissions and click "Done" and "OK".

Choose the page to connect. Then set an Inbox Name and click "Create Inbox".

Step 5. Allow Access on Instagram

On your Instagram account, go to Settings > Privacy > Messages. Click “Allow Access To Messages”.

Congratulations! You can now embark on your marketing automation journey with Chatalog!

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