Broadcast - Recurring Notification (Facebook)

Recurring Notifications are ongoing messages that users have opted-in to via simple and upfront prompts outlining the frequency of messages that they agree to receive.

Recurring Notification is a feature for Facebook pages to send out opt-in requests to gather leads for broadcasting messages beyond the 24-hour messaging window. Depends on the frequency of the opt-in topics, messages can be sent on daily, weekly or monthly frequencies.

Set up Opt-in Request in Flow

Go to flow and click "Create New Flow".

In the flow, set up a keyword that would trigger this opt-in request. If you wish your contact to trigger this flow despite whatever input, you can set "ANY_KEYWORDS". Then you can drag the "Opt-in Request" block from the left and connect it to the trigger.

The Opt-in Request requires a topic. Upon clicking the dropdown, you can see the existing Opt-in topics that had been created before, as well as a button to "Create new topic".

If you create a new topic, you need to set up topic, message title, and button text. Topic is to indicate what this opt-in request is about. Once this request is created, it will be saved and can be selected again in other flows. The topics will be shown as options in the dropdown of Opt-in Request block. Secondly, set up the Message title that is shown as the title of the opt-in request message. Thirdly, select the button text. It is not flexibly configurable. You can only select the few button text patterns allowed by Meta. Optionally, you can upload an image for this Opt-in request.

The optimal resolution for setting up the opt-in Request message is 909px wide x 476px high.

You will see the look and feel in the preview section. If it is fine, click Create to finish setting up this Opt-in topic.

Then, you need to set up the frequency of notification, either daily, weekly, or monthly. Save the flow to apply changes.

Here is the period you are allowed to broadcast messages to those who opted-in among different frequency:

  • Daily over 6 month period after opt-in (one message per calendar day)

  • Weekly over 9 month period after opt-in (once every calendar week)

  • Monthly over 12 month period after opt-in (once every calendar month)

Turn on the flow to let your contact trigger this flow.

Set up Recurring Notification in Broadcast after collecting leads

When there are some users that have triggered your flow with Opt-in request, you can move on to sending notification messages to those who opted-in the topics you set up.

In Broadcast, select the facebook channel as you set up the flow in. Then click "Create Recurring Notification".

In the set up page, you can select the topic that you have set up for sending opt-in requests and select the frequency. Then you will be able to see the list of audience who opted in to this topic at the right. You can then create the message for this audience. The message has two type: carousel message or single message. If it is a carousel message, you can set up a list of scrollable cards with an image, a title and a description. If you wish to send a single message, click "Switch to single message" to switch the message type.

Finally, you can choose to broadcast now or schedule the broadcast. And then decide whether to select specific audience to send or click "Send To All".

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