How to Send WhatsApp Broadcast

After your template gets approved, go to the Broadcast page and add a new broadcast.

Step 1: Name the broadcast.

Step 2: Select the recipient list for the broadcast.

Step 3: Select the message template you want to broadcast in the blue dot (i.e., approved).

Step 4: Determine whether to broadcast now or schedule a time for broadcast.

Step 5: Click "Submit" to broadcast when you are all done.

If you have defined any parameter in your broadcast message body, you need to assign the text of that parameter.

If you have added buttons to the message, you need to define the payload, which means what message you expect the user to send back to the channel upon clicking the button.

If you have set a custom field to users and wish to display its value in the broadcast message, you can input {{customFields.fieldvalue}} to the parameter field. If the custom field that you want to display is "membership," where the value is "diamond" for one user, then you can input {{customFields.membership}}. When the broadcast message is blasted, that user will see the value "diamond" in the message.

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