2023 Releases

20231114 - Release Updates

We are excited to announce the release of new features that enhance the functionality of chatalog. This release focuses on these key areas:

Improved WhatsApp Integration:

We have implemented tips and guidelines to help you seamlessly connect your WhatsApp inboxes to chatalog. The enhancement provides valuable insights on limitations before connecting inboxes, ensuring a smooth integration experience.

AI Reply from Multiple Documents

With this new feature, you can now upload and publish multiple documents for your AI to reference when generating replies. This allows for more accurate and diverse responses, improving the overall effectiveness of AI-generated replies.

Display Labels in the Conversation List

With the new toggle option, users can now choose whether to display labels in the conversation list. This allows for better organization and easier identification of conversations based on specific labels.

Improved AI Flow Control

We have added a required toggle for AI flow blocks, enabling users to exit AI flows by triggering keywords from other flows. When users trigger keywords from different flows, they will be directed to the corresponding flow, providing a seamless and dynamic conversational experience.

20231024 - Release Updates

We are excited to announce a new set of features to enhance collaboration and customization within chatalog.

Separate Read Status for Different Agents

With this update, different agent accounts can now manage the read status of the same conversation separately. This means that when one user marks a conversation as read, it will not affect the read status for other users in the same organization.

We have introduced a new carousel template for WhatsApp broadcast messages. This feature allows you to send a single text message accompanied by up to 10 carousel cards in a horizontally scrollable view.

Enhanced Inbox Permissions

We have added the ability for owners to edit the permissions for different inboxes. Owners can now associate specific inboxes with teams, ensuring that members of each team can only access the inboxes associated with them. This feature is particularly useful for organizations with different stores or teams managing different inboxes, as it allows for better organization and control over inbox access.

Variables in AI Flow Block Prompts

We have introduced the ability to use variables in AI flow block prompts. This means you can now add user metadata, system data, or custom fields in the prompts, providing more personalized and dynamic customer interactions.

Improved WhatsApp Broadcast Management

We have replaced the "Last Edited" column with a new "Start Time" column in WhatsApp broadcast. This change provides a clearer and more relevant view of your broadcast messages, allowing you to track the start time of each broadcast easily.

Enhanced Reply and Private Notes UI

We have improved the Reply and Private Notes user interface, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

20230927 - Release Updates

We are excited to introduce several enhancements and new features with this latest release update.

Add Icons for Sending and Failed Messages in Live Chat Messages

This feature enhances the user experience by visually indicating the status of messages in the live chat. Icons will be shown to differentiate between messages currently being sent and those that have failed to be sent.

Show Notification When WhatsApp Credit is Under $20

To help users stay informed about their WhatsApp credit balance, a notification will be displayed when the credit falls below $20. This ensures that users are aware of their remaining credit and can take necessary actions to top up if needed.

Filter Conversations by Label

Users can now search and filter conversations based on labels. Labels will be shown for each inbox. This feature simplifies the organization and management of conversations by allowing users to quickly sort and view conversations that are associated with specific labels.

Add Export Button for Broadcast Targets

With this new feature, users will be able to export the list of broadcast targets. This allows for easier management and analysis of broadcast campaigns.

Rename AI Sales Dialog Block to AI Dialog

To better reflect the feature's functionality and scope, the AI Sales Dialog block will be renamed to AI Dialog.

20230907 - Release Updates

Web Update

We are excited to introduce several enhancements and new features with this latest web release update.

  1. WhatsApp Broadcast Enhancement: Broadcasting messages just got easier. Now, you have the option to use the default image, video, or file when sending message templates through WhatsApp. This feature simplifies the process of creating and sending broadcast messages.

  2. Setting Page - Plans & Billing Page UI Enhancement: We've made improvements to the Plans & Billing page's user interface. Navigating through your subscription details and billing information is now more seamless and user-friendly.

  3. Advanced Assign Conversation (Beta): We're introducing a powerful new feature in beta. With Advanced Assign Conversation, you can set team and agent statuses (online/away/offline) to automatically assign new conversations based on your advanced assignment rules. Conversations will be assigned to the agent with the least assigned conversations in the team at that moment, ensuring efficient customer support.

  4. AI Reply from Document Enhancement: Enhancements have been made to the AI Reply from Document flow block. We've added a system prompt to streamline the AI reply process when using this feature.

  5. Contact Enhancement: You can now import large batches of contacts, with a maximum of 3000 contacts per upload. This improvement simplifies the process of managing your contact list.

Mobile Update Version 1.19.0

We're thrilled to introduce the following enhancements and features in Mobile Release Version 1.19.0.

  1. Edit Contact Name and Copy Phone Number: You can now easily edit contact names and copy phone numbers directly from your mobile device. This feature adds flexibility and convenience to managing your contacts.

  2. New Setting Page Tab: We've introduced a new tab in the setting page with several options:

    • Edit profile name

    • Select app language (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)

    • Change password

    • Set status online/away

    These options give you greater control over your mobile app settings and preferences.

  3. Send Flow in Chat: You can now send flows directly in chat, making it easier to engage with your contacts and streamline communication.

  4. Small UI Enhancement on Login Page: We've made minor user interface enhancements to the login page to improve the overall user experience.

  5. Mobile Notification Message: You will now see the button content in mobile notification messages, ensuring that you have clear and actionable information at your fingertips.

We hope you enjoy these updates and enhancements, which are designed to make your experience with our platform even better. Thank you for your continued support!

20230828 - Release Updates

Default image for broadcast

You can now re-use the default image uploaded in WhatsApp broadcast template instead of selecting and uploading an image every time you want to send template messages.

Web Chat Setting enhancement

You can now set the language of the Web Chat buttons. The language options are English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. You can also upload your WeChat QR code to your web chat, so that your customers can scan the QR and talk to you via your WeChat.

AI reply from document enhancement

We have added a time-out feature to AI reply from the document, so the conversation can now be closed automatically after a time-out. Additionally, users can connect to another flow block if the chatGPT response is empty.

20230810 - Release Updates

Simplified Chinese

chatalog now supports Simplified Chinese on the web. And the help center also supports Simplified Chinese now.

Auto-End Conversation (Beta)

You can set a time limit for conversations. Once the time limit is reached, the conversation will be automatically closed, triggering a predefined flow. The time limit can be set between 30 minutes and 24 hours.

New UI for Post Auto-Reply

chatalog has updated the user interface for the post auto-reply, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

New sync button for WhatsApp templates

You can now sync all WhatsApp templates from different WhatsApp numbers under the same WABA account on chatalog with one click, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date templates available.

Support message emoji reaction

Now you can see the emoji reactions from your customers on chatalog.

Online and offline status

You can now set yourself as online, away, or offline. chatalog also displays the user status of each team member, making it easier to collaborate and communicate effectively. Learn more here.

Send Flow to the Customer

You can now send a flow directly to the customer in the conversation, allowing them to easily navigate through the conversation and find the information they need.

More AI Consultant Templates

chatalog has added more AI consultant templates to make it easier for you to explore your business success.

Mobile - Saved Replies

chatalog's mobile app now includes saved replies, making it easier to respond to customers in a few seconds.

20230707 - Release Updates

Temporarily disabled the delete message templates feature

Due to restrictions caused by Meta, the functionality to delete WhatsApp message templates has been temporarily disabled. Please be assured that we are actively following up on this, and once resolved, we will promptly reinstate this feature.

Non Business Hour Flow

You can set your non business hours in the chat flow page, and select a flow to handle all customer inquiries during non business hours. Learn more here.

Custom field supports more data types like Date and Number

You can now create custom fields with more data types, including Text, Date, Number etc. For example, for a VIP member, you can create a custom field called registeredAt, and its value can be '2023-07-07 18:00". Learn more here.

Resend team member invitation

You can resend the team member invitation in the settings page - user tab, in case your team member did not receive the invitation previously, or the invitation has expired after 24 hours.

More chat flow templates

Now You can find more chat flow templates in the chat flow page, template tab. Follow the templates to make more advanced logics to set up your automated conversations with your customers.

ANY_KEYWORDS flow now contains button toggle

Previously, if you want to set the trigger for a chat flow as any keywords, you will need to type 'ANY_KEYWORDS' in the keyword block. Now the keyword block contains button toggle for better users experience. Turn on the 'Any' toggle means no matter what keywords the customer types, this flow will be triggered.

New ending-condition for AI Sales Dialog flow block - Time Out

In order to end the AI Sales Dialog, now you can set a new ending condition - timeout. For example, if a customer hasn't replied after a certain period of time, an AI sales conversation session will be auto ended, and routed to another chatbot flow for follow-up (eg. payment/product inquiries flows) or a live agent.

20230612 - Release Updates

New Webhook Flow block to call external APIs [Enterprise Plan Only]

We have a new Webhook Flow Block available now for enterprise plan users. With this flow block, you can conduct external API calls in your chat flow journey design.

New look for AI Writer & Consultant [Pro Plan and above Only]

We have added more templates for our AI Writer & Consultant feature with a brand new look.

New Plan & Billing Page

We have added a new Plan& Billing page where you can manage your subscription better.

20230529 - Release Updates

chatalog changes due to WhatsApp New Pricing policy

Starting from Jun 1st, we will prompt user to top up WhatsApp conversation credit, if current credit is 0 & if user want to send broadcast/ send template message, due to WhatsApp's new pricing policy. Read more on WhatsApp's new pricing policy.

WhatsApp Template Message Draft Status

Now user has the option to save a WhatsApp template message as draft, rather than submitting it right away.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/31

Edit and Delete WhatsApp Message Template

Now user can update their existing approved WhatsApp message templates and submit for approval again. User can also delete their existing approved WhatsApp message templates.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/32

Manage Custom Fields in Organization Level

User can manage custom fields in organization level, including:

  1. delete custom field

  2. create new custom field

  3. add descriptions to custom fields

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/33

Mobile App 1.14.0 new version deployed with bug fixes:

  1. conversion window hour count in app sometimes not aligned with web

  2. users sometimes auto logged out after a short period of time

  3. some users received duplicate notifications

20230509 - Release Updates

Import contact with labels and custom fields

Now you can import contacts with labels and custom fields into your whatsapp inbox. Just make sure you follow the csv format we provided in the contact page.

Tooltips for chat flow blocks

To better guide you to fully use our chat flow features, now every flow block in the chat flow builder page, if you hover on the block, you will see the tooltips. Follow the instruction and build your own chat flows!

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/29

New categories for whatsapp template message

WhatsApp Business API has updated their categories for whatsapp template messages. Now when you submit a whatsapp template message for approval, you will need to select a new category according to your need. The new categories are Utility, Authentication, and Marketing.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/30

20230502 - Release Updates

AI Knowledge Base powered by chatGPT [business plan feature]

It’s a powerful feature that you can upload a document as your knowledge base, and you can connect this knowledge base with flow. Then once your customers ask questions , chatGPT will respond based on your document.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/23

Filter conversations on mobile app

Now you can filter the conversations by clicking the filter icon in chatalog mobile app!

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/24

New Look for Home Page

Home page design has been revamp. To help you make the most of chatalog, we have added different sections like My Channels, Recommended For You, FAQs etc.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/28

Analytics dashboard [pro plan feature]

Your messaging data statistics includes: total contacts and daily new contacts, cumulative conversations and messages, source of conversations by channel, agent performance in resolving conversations, agent vs bot messages etc.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/5

20230404 - Release Updates

Delete team member

As owner, I can delete team members under my organisation. Go to “setting”, and then “users”, click the delete icon. Please make sure there is no conversation or flow assigned to this team member, otherwise you cannot delete this team member.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/18

Assign conversation flow block has default value now

Assign Conversation flow block now has default value selected. The first team in the organization will be the default value. You can change the value according to your need.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/19

New look for create broadcast pages

Create Broadcast Pages have been revamped. Now we have unified designs for all channels - Instagram, Messenger, Facebook.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/20

User can choose static or dynamic when creating contact list

Dynamic list : a list that is dynamically updated according to the selected conditions in real time.

Static list: a list that captures a snapshot of contacts that meet the selected conditions and its data will not be further automatically updated unless you manually update the list.

Learn more:https://chatalog.nolt.io/21

The previous ‘Bot’ page has been renamed to ‘Post Auto Reply’, ‘Flow’ has been renamed to ‘Chat Flow’. We updated the sequence of the tabs according to frequency of usage. Moved the inbox selection from sidebar to topbar for better user experience.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/22

Mobile App enhancements

Please kindly update your app to version 1.12.0. We added sound notifications for our chatalog mobile app. If needed, you may turn on the sound notification for this app in your mobile phone setting. Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/15

Also, the issue of not being able to view the new messages after receiving notifications has been fixed.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/16

20230323 - Release Updates

AI Writer - content generation tool powered by chatGPT

With all different built-in templates, it allows you to create all sorts of copy ranging from marketing promotions to FAQs and more in minutes. Upgrade your plan to start using it!

Learn more: https://docs.chatalog.ai/ai-tools/ai-writer

Web Chat Service

This handy feature allows you to embed a live chat service directly into your website. Together with our existing Dialog Flow feature, you can automate conversations with your website visitors effortlessly 24/7.

Learn more: https://docs.chatalog.ai/settings/web-chat

Dynamic Contact List

You can create customised contact lists with adjustable conditions. For example, you can easily generate a “VIP Customer” list by filtering all contacts with the “VIP Customer” label and quickly broadcast promotional offers to them.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/11

Edit Contact

Now you can conveniently modify the details of your contacts, such as their name and label, directly from the contact page by clicking into the contact detail.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/13

WhatsApp Template Message in Simplified Chinese

Previously, we only supported English and Traditional Chinese, but now we have also included support for Simplified Chinese when submitting WhatsApp Template Messages for review and approval.

Learn more: https://chatalog.nolt.io/12

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