2024 Releases

20240319 - Release Updates

We're excited to announce the release of a series of new features over the past months:


You can now add, edit, and delete notes for specific clients on the message page.

Selective Display of Flows and Template Messages

Customize which flows or template messages are displayed on the message page, making them easier to find and send out.

Search by Name

Easily find the flow, template message, or saved reply you need by searching by name.

Auto Assign Conversation Message

Automatic messages can be sent out when assigning a conversation to other team members. These messages are editable and available in English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.


Set a time limit for conversations in each inbox, after which a pre-set flow will be sent to the open or assigned conversation. This feature also enables the automatic closure of open and assigned conversations.


Messages you receive or are about to send can be translated between English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, improving communication across languages.

Duplicate Flow Block

Duplicate entire flow blocks within a flow page for faster flow creation.

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