Applying for Official Business Account (Green Tick)

There are two types of WhatsApp Business Accounts. By default, any account using the WhatsApp Business Platform or WhatsApp Business App is a business account. In contrast, Official Business Account has a green checkmark badge in its profile and chat thread headers.

Meta's criteria for WhatsApp Official Business Accounts (OBA) is based on a number of factors and is different from policies on other platforms. In addition to following WhatsApp's Commerce and Business Policies, businesses need to be:

Requesting an Official Business Account

Follow these instructions to request an official business account:

  • Access WhatsApp Manager from your Business Manager. Click on the phone number for which you want to request OBA within the Overview section

  • Turn on 2 step verification for this phone number to apply for OBA. Please note your Business Verification and Display Name approval needs to be complete before applying for OBA

    • If you have not set up two-factor verification for the phone number you want verified, follow the instructions in Two-Step Verification to enable it

    • If you have not completed Business Verification, see Verify Your Business for more information

  • Click on Submit Request Button and fill out the required information. You can submit up to 5 supporting links to show that the business is notable.

Once Meta has reviewed your request, you will receive a notification letting you know if your account has been granted OBA or not. If your request is rejected, you can submit a new request after 30 days.

Once you obtain a green badge on WhatsApp, you will not be able to change the display name without having to re-apply.

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