User Management

In Users, you can view the max number of user, user status, manage users' roles and the team they belong to.
User has three roles, namely Owner, Admin and Agent. Owner is the first role that created the chatalog account, which has all permissions. Please find the role permission difference as below:
User Management
can view user list, edit user roles and teams
can view user list
can view user list
Team Management
view, add, edit, delete any team
view all teams, edit or delete his/her own team
view all teams
view all conversations, assign conversation to anyone
view all conversations, assign conversations to his/her own team members
view conversations currently or last assigned to his/her team
Other Tabs
full access
full access
full access
Please note that all admins and agents have their own team. If team is not necessary to you, please select Default Team that already exists. Admin and Agent under this team have the same permissions of any team created thereafter.