To use the broadcast feature, start by setting up a message template on the broadcast page

  1. Number of broadcasts created

  2. Number of broadcasts sent

  3. Number of people who clicked or interacted with the broadcast

  4. Number of unsuccessful broadcast deliveries

  5. Number of broadcasts pending to be sent

  6. Only the owner can top up WhatsApp credit (Before sending templates/broadcasts, you must have a balance)

  7. Where to create the template (For use in broadcasts/opening 24-hour free conversation time with customers)

  8. Add/create the broadcast you will send

  9. Status of broadcast delivery (You can view the progress)

  10. Number of broadcasts that cannot be sent during delivery

  11. You can view detailed progress and reasons for broadcast delivery

Unsuccessful deliveries can occur due to several reasons:

  • Message Undeliverable: The recipient has blocked unknown messages.

  • Non-WhatsApp Number: The phone number isn’t registered with WhatsApp.

  • Terms & Privacy Policy: The recipient hasn’t accepted WhatsApp’s updated terms and privacy policy.

  • Outdated WhatsApp: The recipient is using an older version of the app.

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