Contact section manages all your contacts as well as the labels that attach to them for customer relationship management purpose.

View Contact Dashboard

You can view contacts across all your channels in "Your Contacts". Contacts here mean all users of Instagram/Facebook/WhatsApp channels that have interacted with you and also contacts imported into WhatsApp channel. First you need to select which channel to view with step 1. Click refresh button to load the latest contact list with step 2. You can also search username in the search field for specific user with step 3. If you want to filter contacts with certain labels, click Filter to select options in the dropdown as step 4. By default, you can view the following information: Contact (total number of contact indicated in the bracket), Latest Activity, Status and Labels. Click Edit to expand a dropdown with all the custom fields with step 5. The selected options will display to the right of the list. Lastly, if you want to view the details of a contact, click on the row of the contact at any position with step 6 to see the contact profile.

You can view contact's name, labels, past activities on its profile. If the channel is Instagram, you can also view its user handle and the hyperlink of its profile. You can click refresh button to ensure the information of that contact is up-to-date, as Facebook and Instagram both allow users to update their display name.

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