Customer Service Messages

When a user has a conversation with your official account, you can continue to contact your customer within a period of time (currently 48 hours, new rules will be activated after June 12, 2023, check the announcement), so that you can provide your customers with more Excellent service.

The current list of allowed reply states is as follows (the public platform will update this list according to operating conditions, and replies will be allowed after different actions are triggered)

1. User sends message 2. Click on the custom menu (only three menu types, namely click push event, scan code push event, scan code push event and pop-up "message receiving" prompt box, will trigger the customer service interface) 3. Follow the public account 4. Scan QR code

When the user clicks on the menu message, the click-on menu event is triggered, which corresponds to the message rules of scenario 2 when the user clicks on the customized menu, and will not generate the customer service message delivery quota for the user-sent message scenario.

List of allowed reply states after June 2023:

ScenarioMessage delivery quotaPeriod of time

User sends message


48 hours

Click on the custom menu


1 minute

Follow the public account


1 minute

Scan QR code


1 minute

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