Broadcast (Non-WhatsApp)

Broadcast saves your time from sending identical messages to users one by one. You can create one single message and broadcast to multiple users.

View Broadcasts Dashboard

Step 1, view your daily message limit. The daily message limit is to prevent abuse of this function in order to conform to Instagram policy. Step 2, select the date range to search the broadcast history. Step 3, view all the broadcast status. See the description as below:

Broadcasts: The number of broadcast activities created in the period.

Failed: The number of broadcast message failed to send in the period.

Sent: The number of broadcast message sent in the period.

Opened: The number of broadcast message opened in the period.

Replied: The number of broadcast message replied in the period.

Send Queue: The number of broadcast message waiting to be sent in the period.

Step 4, view all the broadcast activities. If you want to know more about a specific broadcast, click the button as Step 5 to view broadcast details. Step 6, add a new Broadcast.

View Broadcast Details

In Broadcast Details page, you can see the list of recipients of the broadcast with their status. You can also see the total broadcast time here. If you wish to reuse this broadcast message, click Duplicate Broadcast to create a new broadcast.

Create a New Broadcast

Create a basic broadcast comprises several simple steps. Step 1, name your broadcast. Step 2, set up the message to broadcast, maximum 1000 characters. Step 3, schedule the broadcast. It can be immediately or a specific date range to fulfil your business needs. Step 4, determine to switch on or off the Human Agent Tag. When it is off, by default you are only allowed to respond to user messages within 24 hours. When it is on, it will allow you to broadcast message as a human agent, so that you can respond to user messages as much as 7 days of their messages. Please only use human agent tag when a user's issue cannot be resolved in the standard messaging window. Step 5, click "Next" to continue.

If you have set a custom field to users and wish to display its value in the broadcast message, you can input {{customFields.fieldvalue}} to the message field as Step 2. If the custom field that you want to display is "membership", where the value is "diamond" for one user, then you can input {{customFields.membership}}. When the broadcast message is blasted, that user will see the value "diamond" in the message.

In the next page, Step 1, you can select a recent time range that users messaged you. For Human Agent Tag off, the time range selected must be any time within 24 hours. If it is on, the time range must be any time within 7 days. When you have selected the time range, you can see all the available audiences for broadcast at the left. Select them and follow Step 2: click "Add X contact". If you want to select users out from the audiences, click their checkbox from the list at the right. Then, follow Step 3: click "Remove X contact".

When the audience list is confirmed, follow Step 4: view the Estimated Broadcast time. It is calculated from the number of users in your audience list. Finally, Step 5: click "Create Broadcast".

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