Customized Flow

Flow is a visual builder that connects all messages, actions and transitions together to create Direct Message auto reply.

Within each flow, you can view and edit the entire conversational interaction. Flow is like a map of different types of messages and some other blocks. There are two types of flow: Basic Flow and Customized Flow.

Customized Flow includes:

  • Basic Flow Blocks

    • Message Block

    • Condition Funnel

    • Carousel

    • User Input

    • Quick Connect To Block

    • Quick Connect To Flow

  • Advanced Flow Blocks

    • External URL

    • Opt-in Request

    • Custom Payload

    • Assign Conversation

    • Set Label/Custom Field

    • Add Template

    • AI Reply from Document

    • AI Sales Dialog

    • Call API

Remember to turn off the automated responses set-up on Meta to prevent crashing the chatalog flow setups.

How to turn off inbox automations set-ups on Meta?
  1. turn off automations status (refer to the image blow)

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