Create a Carousel Template

Carousel templates allow you to send a single text message accompanied by a set of up to 10 carousel cards in a horizontally scrollable view. Follow the below steps to create a carousel template.

In the Broadcast page, click the dropdown to select the WhatsApp channel you wish to broadcast messages. Then select the "Templates" tab.

Select "Add Template" and choose Carousel.

You can follow the below steps to create a new carousel template:

Step 1: Name your template.

Step 2: Select the category that indicates the purpose of your broadcast.

Step 3: Select the language of your broadcast message.

Step 4: Create the content for your broadcast message. You can use our AI Writer to make the creation process easier.

Step 5: Add your carousel, and edit the description and the button. Please notice that you can add up to 10 carousel cards here and every card in the carousel should have the same combination of button types (e.g. URL, Quick Reply, Phone number).

Step 6: Preview and submit the template after completing all the necessary information.

Below table is the details of supported type and size limit of media file for a carousel template

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