Follow this guide to connect your WeChat Official Account to chatalog as a new inbox so that you can manage all your channels in one place and set up different automation features!

If you do not have a WeChat Official Account, please register a WeChat Service Account here. You may follow the step-by-step guide here.

Before you start

Before you start connecting your WeChat Official Account as a new inbox, you will need the following information from your WeChat Official Account :

  • Original ID

  • App ID

  • APP Secret

Where to find your Original ID, APP ID, and APP Secret?

Firstly, you need to log in to your WeChat Dashboard.

Original ID

Click "Account Info" in the Settings and Development section from the left sidebar. Scroll down to find the Original ID in the Registration information section. Copy the Original ID for later usage.


Click "Basic Configuration" in the Settings and Development section from the left sidebar. You can find Developer ID (AppID) and Developer Password (AppSecret) below the Official Account development information. Copy the AppID for later usage.

APP Secret

To generate the AppSecret, you have to pass two verification steps.

You have to scan a QR code on the webpage. You'll need to re-enter your account password. Once you have completed the security measures, a brand new App Secret will be generated. Copy the AppSecret for later usage.

Now you start connecting to WeChat Inbox

Go to your chatalog's home page, click 'Connect,' and click on the WeChat inbox icon.

Step 1: Fill in the Inbox Name

Think of a good name that will help you easily know what this inbox is about)

Step 2: Fill in the following information copied from your WeChat Dashboard earlier

  • Original ID

  • App ID

  • APP Secret

Click Update after you filled in the Inbox Name, Original ID, App ID, and App Secret.

Webhook URL and Token

After you click Update from the previous step, you will see the Webhook Url and Token provided by chatalog. Copy the Webhook Url and Token and paste them back into your WeChat Dashboard.

How to paste Webhook URL and Token into WeChat Dashboard

In the Basic Configuration page of your WeChat Dashboard, click on the "Change Configuration" button to open up the Configuration menu.

Copy the Webhook Url and Token provided by chatalog and paste them into their respective fields.

Generate an Encoding AES key and select " 明文模式 | Plain Text Mode" for message encryption.

Submit your changes. Remember to click “Enable” after making any configuration change.

Add IP Whitelist

Also, you need to put chatalog's IP address in the IP whitelist.

Add these chatalog's IP addresses to your whitelist and confirm the modification.

Click here if you want to read more about WeChat's added access white list protection for the access_token interface document.

Then you can return to chatalog and find your WeChat inbox ready.

Congratulations! Now you've finished the setup for connecting a new WeChat inbox!

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