Import, Export and Add Contact

All platforms can export contacts, but only WhatsApp can add or import contacts. Other platforms can only accumulate contacts that have ever messaged you in the inbox. You can not actively contact other users on the social platform. With step 1, click the Import button to import a .csv file with contact information in bulk. In step 2, click Add button to add a single contact. With step 3, export contacts from the existing page.

Import Contact

After clicking the Import button, you need first to download the .csv template file to edit as Step 1. The file contains only two columns, with the first as the contact name and the second as the contact number. The phone number should be filled together with the country code at the beginning without extra brackets or plus sign.

For example, if the country code is 852 and the phone number is 98765432, please fill in 85298765432. After saving the contact list file, you can drag the .csv file into the area of step 2. You can optionally fill in the contact list name with step 3. If it is left blank, the name will follow the format in the placeholder with the uploaded date and time. Import the data as step 4 to wait for the upload to finish.

If you import a contact list that includes some existing phone numbers, the first name, last name, email, and custom fields will be updated, and new labels will be added. It will not create an extra contact when you import and update information for an existing contact with the same phone number. But if you import the same contact with empty fields, the existing information will not be deleted.

Add Single Contact

If only need to add a single contact, fill in Name and Phone in the popup window and click Add to apply.

Export Contact

If you want to export all contacts from a channel, you just need to select that channel and click export. But if you want to export contacts with certain labels, you may follow the steps below:

First, click Filter with step 1 to expand the dropdown so that you can select which labels to be filtered. The contact list will then refresh to display contacts only with the selected labels. Then, click export with step 2. The downloaded file will be a filtered contact list.

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