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Chatalog Help Centre


Regarding chatalog omni-channel livechat feature, we
Support receiving the following WhatsApp Messages Types:
  • text, template, audio, document, location, image, sticker
DO NOT Suport receiving the following WhatsApp Messages Types:
  • Interactive messages: List messages, Reply button messages, and Single and Multi Product Messages.
Instagram offers personal connection at every phase of the customer journey. The Messenger API for Instagram enables brands to connect with customers on their preferred messaging channel. Integrating with existing tools and data, the Messenger API for Instagram makes managing high volumes of customer messages easier - helping to turn conversations into business outcomes.
Unfortunately this service is only for Instagram Business accounts. The good news is that there is no requirement on the number of followers! As long as you have an Instagram Business account linked to your Facebook account, you are eligible to use chatalog.
Our platform is 100% no code! We offer tutorial and templates for you to drag and drop in creating a basic chatbot in under 3 minutes.
Yes! We offer 14 day free trial for all users. No credit card info is required to set up an account.
Within the 14 days of free trial, you can choose to input credit card info. Your account will upgrade right on the 15th day of account activation. Our service charges in a monthly basis according to the Pricing page.