WhatsApp Business API Limitations

Chatalog is WhatsApp’s official WhatsApp Business API solution provider. However, due to WhatsApp policies, there are some limitations to using WhatsApp Business API.

Cross-App Limitation

Phone numbers using WhatsApp Business API can NOT be used in WhatsApp and WhatsApp business mobile apps.

24-hour Limitation

To protect consumers from receiving spam messages and unwanted advertisements, WhatsApp has implemented a 24-hour limitation policy, which means:

  • Businesses can only respond to customers after a customer initiates a message.

  • Businesses are only given a 24-hour window to respond to customers.

If Businesses want to initiate a conversation with a customer or message a customer outside of the 24-hour window, you need to use WhatsApp Message Templates, which can be submitted for WhatsApp approval via Chatalog.

Features Limitation

Some WhatsApp Personal or Business version features are NOT supported using WhatsApp Business API, including:

  • WhatsApp group feature

  • WhatsApp voice or video calls

  • Forwarding messages, audio, files, and contacts

  • Delete messages

  • Setting WhatsApp statuses such as "busy," "at work," or "in a meeting"

  • Reply to messages in a thread

Chat History

After setting up WhatsApp Business API, your previous WhatsApp conversation records will not be migrated to your WhatsApp Business API account. Therefore, backing up your WhatsApp conversation records in advance is necessary.

Further Information

If you want to know more about related WhatsApp policies, you may refer to:

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