Contact List (WhatsApp)

Contact List contains all the lists either by import or creating a list segmented by conditions. Since only WhatsApp channel supports upload contact and reach contacts without time constraints, this feature is available for WhatsApp channel at the moment.

Import a Contact List

Apart from importing a contact list from "Your Contacts", you can import a list from this page as well. Please view Import, Export and Add Contact from the documentation below:

pageImport, Export and Add Contact

Create a blank list.

Click on “Contacts,” then click “Add List.”

In the “Add List” window, follow these five steps:

  • First, enter the list name.

  • Set the list to be static.

  • Uncheck the condition checkbox.

  • After unchecking, remember to delete the condition column.

  • Finally, click “Create.”

Create a List by Conditions

Click on "Create List" to add a conditional list.

Step 1, set up the name of the list. Step 2, select whether the list is static or dynamic.

A static list captures a snapshot of contacts that meet the selected conditions. It will not be further updated.

A dynamic list is dynamically updated according to the selected conditions in real time.

For step 3, decide whether the contacts should "Meet all conditions". If the option is checked, all the conditions you set up below must be fulfilled. If it is unchecked, any one of the conditions below fulfilled can a contact be in the list.

Step 4, set up the condition(s). Each condition consists of a subject and an operator. The subject is either a label or a custom field.

If it is a label, you can check if the contacts has that label or not. See the example below:

To manage your contacts, you can use label to categorize them. For example, you can label your customers as VIP, subscriber, walk-in customer etc. In this case, you can select whether the contacts have a specific label or not by choosing "in" vs "not in".

If it is a custom field, you can check if the contacts' custom field contains/equals a specific value. See the example below:

To manage your contacts, you can use custom field as well if you want to store specific information for each of them. For example, you may store the order number of your customers last purchase, the location of the store that they last visited, the number of referrals did they make etc. Take order number as an example, if you want to filter contacts that have order number starting with "P13", e.g. "P21324154" "P21324152" "P21323152" etc. Then you can select "contains", which means the value of the field contains certain characters. You can select "not contains" if you want it not contain certain characters. Or if you want to check if contacts' field value is or is not exactly the same as specific characters, you can select "equals" or "not equals".

Preview, Edit and Export Contact List

Getting into one of the contact list, you can preview the contacts in the list. If the list is static, you can remove contacts as step 1 and step 2. Dynamic list contacts are filtered by conditions, all the contacts in the list cannot be deleted. If there is a large number of contacts, you cannot view all of them in this preview page. Then, you can follow step 3 to export and retrieve the full list.

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