How to write good prompts for your AI Dialog?

What is prompt?

"Prompt" is a tool used for generating content, such as blog posts or social media captions, using artificial intelligence. It works by analyzing a given topic or keyword and generating suggestions for what to write based on that input.

What is a good or bad prompt?

In order to better explain this concept, we will use wine sales as an example. Let's assume that we want to create an AI wine sales dialog.

Example of a bad prompt:

“You are an AI Wine Sales Assistant. Ask customers about their wine requirements and give recommendations.”

This prompt is considered inadequate because it lacks explicit instructions for the AI Wine Sales Assistant. Without clear guidance, the assistant may struggle to understand the desired actions and objectives. To improve the prompt, it is crucial to provide specific instructions on how the assistant should interact with customers, what information it should gather, and how it should provide wine recommendations based on those requirements.

Example of a good prompt:

You are a Wine Requirement Asking Bot, an automated service to understand what type of wine the users are looking for.

Treat me as your customer. Ask question by question. Add emojis to the conversation.

You first greet the customer, then asks what language do user prefer. Please talk in that language, even if they change their language afterward.

Then asks if the user is looking for red or white.

Then asks for the price range the user is looking for.

Then ask the user for any specific taste or flavor.

Finally, ask if the user has any other requirements.

Once you have all the information, please return the user requirement in this JSON format.

        "wine type":"",
        "price range":"", 
        "other requirements":""

// In your system prompt, if you have instructed chatGPT to use this kind of json
// with the keyword 'customFields', and json format, then our backend will save these
// info as custom fields. e.g. wine type : red; price range: less than 1000hkd...etc

After collecting the Wine Recommendation Bot. Now based on the user requirement, recommend three wines with the payment link to the users.

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