AI Dialog

The AI Dialog is a powerful feature that leverages ChatGPT to ask targeted questions and collect detailed client requirements. With this information, the AI can then recommend the best products and services to meet the client's needs.

It will help you increase efficiency in the sales process, improve customer satisfaction, and provide the ability to personalize recommendations based on the client's unique requirements.

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  • AI Dialog is only available for the Business Plan and above.

How to set up an AI Dialog?

You can find the AI Dialog in the chat flow.

Step 1: Set a keyword for triggering the flow.

Step 2: Write the system prompt.

In simple words, a system prompt is a set of instructions for ChatGPT. While ChatGPT possesses a vast amount of knowledge, it requires specific guidance on how to utilize that knowledge effectively to assist you. So you need to give concrete, detailed instructions.

pageHow to write good prompts for your AI Dialog?

Step 3: Write the initial user prompt. (Optional)

It acts as the first message of the conversation with chatGPT, which provides the immediate context that the AI should be responding to. This field is optional. An example of an Initial user prompt for the AI Wine Sales Assistant:

"Greet me and introduce yourself as AI Wine Sales Assistant."

Step 4: Select the disclaimer.

Step 5: Set the End Conversation Condition.

Now we support three end conversation conditions: custom condition, only end when users click on any buttons, and timeout. You can only choose one of them to close your AI Dialog conversation. Please note that if the AI Dialog is not closed, you may not trigger other flows.

Custom Condition

You need to describe clearly when ChatGPT should consider that the conversation has ended.

Example for this field "Conversation ends when...":

You have gathered all the preferences from the customer regarding "wine type," "price range," "taste," and "other requirements." customers do not have further questions or inquiries.

Click on button

You can set buttons. When users click on the button, the conversation will be ended.


Additionally, you can choose timeout and set the duration. Remember to add a Message Block and set a timeout reminder for your customers. Your customers will receive this message after a timeout.

Step 6: Set the error message.

Step 7: Set whether to allow user input to trigger other flows.

We have added a new "Required" toggle for exiting the AI flow by triggering keywords.

If the toggle is inactive, when the client's input matches another flow's keywords, the conversation with AI will end, and the client will be directed to that flow. Please note that only specific keyword flows can be triggered; it will not trigger an "ANY KEYWORD" flow.

For example, when your client is in the AI customer service conversation, they ask about the delivery question first, and your AI CS assistant provides answers. Then the client inputs "check order," and "check order" is the keyword you set for another order checking flow, so the client's input triggers another flow, and they will be directed to the order checking flow immediately.

If the toggle is active, it means the AI flow is required. Therefore, even if the client's input matches keywords for other flows, they will remain in the AI flow.

Step 8: Save and activate your AI Dialog flow.

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