The status of the conversation and the chat box interface

The chat box interface refers to the visual component of a messaging application where users can see and engage in conversations. The status of the conversation typically indicates whether the message

  • Gray: The template has been sent but not yet read by the user.

  • Red: Your message was not delivered.

  • Blue: Your message has been read (manually by a person).

  • Yellow: The template/bot message has been sent and read by the user.

  • No color: If there is no content, it indicates that you have received and read the message.

  1. Messages sent by real people

  2. Messages sent using a template

  3. Messages visible only to internal staff of the account

  4. Blue: Messages sent to customers; Yellow: Messages sent to internal staff

  5. You can send customers templates, pre-set conversation flows, or your previously saved quick messages. (When you send a pre-set conversation flow, the conversation status will automatically change to closed.)

  6. You can include emojis in your messages or send your documents.

Please note that currently only jpeg, .png, .mp4, .3gpp, .csv type documents are accepted.

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