Engagement Record

Engagement Record is a view of comments that triggered or did not trigger auto reply. It helps you with analyzing the effectiveness of your matching strategy.
Image 1: Show result dropdown
Show result dropdown is to filter results by bot. By default, "All Bots" are selected so that you could see the full list of posts at the left. The other options displayed are the bot name together with the number of triggered times. When you select any of these options, the result shown will be posts that are attached by the bot.
Image 2: Date Filter and Export
Step 1, select date filter as either Last 7 days or Last 1 month. Step 2, click the export button to export result of the post selected for your reference.
Image 3: Engagement Record Detail
When you have selected the post at the left, you will see the comments that either triggered or not triggered bot. If the comment didn't trigger bot reply, it shows "No reply". If it triggered a direct message reply, it shows a "D" icon with "Message replied". For a public comment reply, it shows a "P" together with the reply message.
Please note that a direct message reply can be a plain message, message with quick replies buttons, or carousel. So it is not displayed here. If you wish to refer to what was exactly triggered, you are suggested to refer to Bot section to see the reply you designed.