This page will show you what will customer do when clicking the promoted link.
Customers will click the links generated and promoted by the influencers.
These links are for campaigns that want to promote products. Customers will be taken to an order page after clicking these links. See Figure 1.
Fig 1 Order Page
If the buyer is interested in purchasing the product, he or she can do so by following the procedures below.
Step 1, choose the amount of the product you want to buy. Then click the Place Order button.
Step 2, fill in the required fields of the order, including your name, email address, phone number, address, and remarks. Then click the Go to payment button. See Figure 2.
Fig 2 Your Order
Customers should write down the product type in the Remarks section. For example, the buyer who wants to buy a T-shirt should leave notes like "Color: Black, Size: M" in the Remarks section.
Step 3, Choose a payment method that is convenient for you. See Figure 3.
Fig 3 Payment Methods
Customers will receive an order confirmation email after successfully paying for the products. Figure 4 shows the situation. Customers will receive a second email with delivery details once the products are ready for delivery.
Fig 4 Email on Confirming the Order