Your Campaign

This page will show you how to manage your campaigns. You can create, publish, edit and remove campaigns. You can also invite influencers to promote sales and drive traffic.

Create a Campaign

Click Your Campaign on the sidebar to manage your campaigns. Click the blue button Create and start the journey, as illustrated in Figure 1. There are three steps to the procedure.

Step 1, set the goal of your campaign.

  • Drive Sales

The goal of a drive-sales campaign is to increase the sales of your products. If you choose to launch a drive-sales campaign, you must upload information about the product you want to promote. We have set a template to guide you on how to promote your products with attractive details. You can polish it as you like.

You can specify the product's quota in this campaign once you've chosen the product. Turn on the button and then enter the stock number. Switch off the button if the product's quantity is unlimited. See Figure 4 and Figure 5.

Step 2, fill out the campaign's basic information, such as the campaign's name, a brief introduction, chosen region, and language. The language options are English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

Please set the start date and the end date of the campaign.

We have set some templates for you to describe the campaigns better. You can polish the words as you like.

Step 3, set the KPI. This page will show the campaign's name and duration for you to double-check.

Visibility: you need to control who can see and apply the campaign, so you should set different types of visibility.

Public campaigns mean that any influencers on our platform can apply and get the job.

Approval campaigns mean that the influencers can apply for the campaigns in the job market and have to wait for approval to get the job. The brand can accept or reject the application. The brand can also invite influencers to the campaigns.

Private campaigns cannot be seen in the job market. Only when the brand invites specific influencers can those influencers see the invitations, read the campaign details, and decide to accept or reject the invitation.

If you want to invite influencers, click the button Select Influencer. You can also learn about the influencers in detail on the Influencer tab. Click Influencer on the sidebar. See Figure 8.

Budget: set the commission for the influencers.

If it is a campaign to drive sales, you can set the commission based on the listed price per product.

Our platform will charge another 10% of the listed price per product for drive sales.

Manage Your Campaigns

After successfully creating a campaign, you can find it in the lists of campaigns.

Before Publishing the Campaign

  • Before publishing, the campaign can be edited, copied, and removed. Press the ... at the front of each row. See Figure 10.

  • You can preview the board of the campaign from an influencer's perspective (See Figure 11) or a customer's perspective (See Figure 12). Only campaigns to drive sales will have the button Preview as a customer.

Publish the Campaign

  • Influencers can see the public jobs in the job market or see the invitations from private campaigns only when the campaigns are published. Click the Publish button to publish the campaign. See Figure 13.

  • Once you publish a campaign, you cannot "edit price" and "commission" related fields.

After Publishing the Campaign

  • Click the ... , you can view the details of the campaign, edit the campaign, duplicate a campaign and stop the campaign. See Figure 13.

  • You can edit product descriptions, campaign descriptions, campaign duration, and visibility.

    • You can edit products, including Product Name, Product Description, and Category. See Figure 14.

    • You can edit campaigns, including the Campaign Name, Campaign Description, Region, and Language. You can also extend the duration by setting a new end date. Only extension is allowed. See Figure 15.

    • If you don't want your campaign to be displayed in the Job Market, you can set the visibility as Private. Your changes will not affect those influencers who have already applied for the job. See Figure 16.

  • You can view the details of the campaign.

    • The result will be shown on the Campaign Detail if there are sales and traffic. See Figure 17.

    • You can still invite the influencers after publishing the campaigns. Influencers that you invite but haven't made a decision on will be listed in the Invitation Pending list. See Figure 18.

    • Influencers who have already got the job will be listed in the Promoting Influencer only when they have generated their unique links for promotion. See Figure 18.

    • You can see the applicants in the detailed board if the campaign's visibility is public (Need approval). See Figure 18.

  • You can duplicate a campaign, edit this copy and then create a new campaign.

  • You can stop the campaign. All influencers who have once applied and got the job of this campaign will be notified by emails and in-app notification board.

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