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Welcome to chatalog Help Centre! Explore all the chatbot know-how here and embark on your marketing and sales automation journey!

Chatalog is an omni-channel social messaging and chatbot solution that helps you save time and drive engagement with our automation and customer relationship management features.

Our chatbot platform has several sections that make your IG , Facebook , Whatsapp , Wechat management much easier. With Chat, We help you manage DM inbox and relieve your stress to respond users one by one with our chatbot-agent hybrid conversation solution. Our rule-based post auto reply campaign with Bot sends comment reply and DM reply instantly to automate sales or drive web traffic. With Broadcast, you can save much time from sending identical messages to users individually by creating one message and broadcasting to multiple users. Additionally, you can also create a sophisticated conversational flow to automate the repetitive general enquiries through Direct Message with Flow. With all the automation journey curated, finally you can manage all your contacts as well as the labels that attach to them in Contact.

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